Established in 1996, we are a US-based independent consulting organization committed to the responsible, rational and sustainable utilization of aquatic resources. We undertake a diverse range of studies and projects focused on improving our ability to conserve aquatic ecosystems and manage the resources and fisheries they support. Much of this work has had a strong analytical basis using state of the art methodologies and novel approaches to underpin the advice and recommendations we provide to our clients. Our staff consists of a unique and highly motivated group of scientists and specialists with expertise across a range of scientific and technical disciplines. Our projects are distributed across four Client Service Divisions: the Fisheries Technical Division, covering various research and technical resource management projects; the Fisheries Certification Division, covering fishery certification and fishery improvement projects; the Seafood Sourcing Division, covering a range of supply chain analyses and audits; and the Fisheries Monitoring Division, covering operations and management for our observer and electronic monitoring programs. All of our divisions work in concert and overlap between divisions increases effective outputs. This structure provides a focused approach to delivering high quality products across a diverse range of specialist areas. Our capability to service an extensive array of resource management needs is further expanded through our network of associations and collaborations with internationally acclaimed experts from academic institutions and other private organizations worldwide. MRAG Americas is an accredited Conformity Assessment Body of the Marine Stewardship Council.


MRAG Americas has offices in St. Petersburg, Florida (headquarters and corporate services); Danvers, Massachusetts; Seattle, Washington; and Anchorage, Alaska.  Our clients include a broad range of government agencies, international organizations (World Bank, GEF, FAO), non-governmental organizations, foundations, and the fishing industry.  US government agency clients include NOAA Fisheries; National Ocean Service; National Academy of Sciences; Atlantic States and Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commissions; and the Gulf, Caribbean, Pacific, and North Pacific Fishery Management Councils.


MRAG Americas is part of the family of MRAG companies that includes MRAG Ltd, headquartered in the UK and MRAG Asia Pacific based in Australia. We share in the global MRAG philosophy of providing the highest level of excellence in independent scientific and technical consulting on the management of aquatic resources.  Our expertise has been utilized for more than 30 years in designing and implementing integrated resource management systems in over 60 countries.  MRAG Americas offers a strong capability to respond rapidly and effectively to needs in the Americas region.