Bryan BelayBryan Belay
Director Fisheries Monitoring Division

Mr. Bryan Belay leads MRAG Americas’ Fisheries Monitoring Division. He joined MRAG Americas in 2004, having helped us successfully bid the Kodiak Island Marine Mammal Observer Program. He oversaw the successful implementation of the 2005 AMMOP in Kodiak, coordinated the 2005 IFQ fishery for Techsea International, and helped MRAG acquire its North Pacific Groundfish Observer Program and ADF&G Crab Observer Program certifications. Bryan worked with MRAG to manage the Hawaii Longline Observer Program from 2006 to 2009. In 2009 MRAG expanded into the Northeast, providing monitors for the Northeast At-Sea Monitoring Program. In 2012, Bryan helped MRAG win the Northeast Fisheries Monitoring contract, expanding the Northeast program from Maine to North Carolina. Bryan managed a team of 13 coordinators and up to 70 observers during peak seasons. In 2009, Bryan began managing the IATTC Transshipment Observer program, placing observers on Freezer Carrier Vessels in the Pacific Ocean. Bryan continues to recruit, train and place observers on vessels in the Pacific.