Karleen Wagner, MS, BS

Fisheries Certification Program Administrator

Karleen Wagner joined MRAG Americas in January 2024 as the Fisheries Certification Program Administrator in our Certification Division. She is responsible for preparing MSC and RFM fishery assessment documents and collaborating with project teams and certification staff to ensure the accurate and timely dissemination of necessary documents. With over five years of experience in the Food & Agriculture realm, Karleen has navigated the complex landscape of agriculture and seafood certifications. She is committed to promoting sustainable and responsible use of resources while advancing environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Karleen holds a BS in Natural Sciences and an MS in Environmental Sciences with a concentration in Stream Ecosystems from the University of Puerto Rico. Her global perspective, gained from a semester abroad at California State University, Monterey Bay, and extensive volunteering in marine conservation efforts, adds invaluable experience to the team. In her off-work hours, she enjoys traveling, building her homestead, and advocating for organic food in Eastern Colorado.