Marc MangelDr. Marc Mangel
Senior Scientific Advisor

Dr. Mangel is Professor of Mathematical Biology in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Jack Baskin School of Engineering, University of California Santa Cruz. Director, Center for Stock Assessment Research (a partnership between UCSC and the NMFS Santa Cruz Laboratory to train students and post-docs in the quantitative methods needed for stock assessment) and Regional Director of MRAG Americas, running the California office (opened 2004). At UCSC, he conducts research on quantitative methods for fishery management, the population biology of disease, and the evolutionary biology of longevity. Prior to coming to UCSC in 1996, he worked (1977-1980) for the Center for Naval Analysis (the Federal Contract Research Center conducting operations and systems analysis for the US Navy) and at the University of California Davis (1980-1996). Dr. Mangel has held Fulbright and Guggenheim fellowships and is a fellow of the California Academy of Sciences and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He has held visiting positions at the Hebrew University (Scheinbrun Professor), University of Oxford (Member, Wolfson College), the Weizmann Institute (Varon Professor), Florida State University (William R. and Lenore Mote Eminent Scholar Chair in Fisheries Ecology and Enhancement) and Ben Gurion University (Dozor Professor).

Dr. Mangel has worked on fishery problems since graduate school, when he and Colin Clark developed models for the tuna purse seine fishery. In addition, he wrote one of the first papers applying Bayesian methods to stock assessment (Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 42:150-163, 1985) and applied such methods to the recovery of California sardine, was the first invited outside expert to the Scientific Committee for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (1986-1989) and was subsequently a member of the US delegation to the scientific committee (1991) and to the working groups of the scientific committee (1996, 1997), convened and chaired the steering committee concerning principles of wild living resource conservation (published as Ecological Applications 6:338-362, 1996 and a focal document for the Marine Life Management Act), served on the Committee of Scientific Advisors of the US Marine Mammal Commission for six years, and was a member of the Ecosystem Advisory Panel, the Scientific Advisory Panel for West Coast Marine Reserve Planning, and the team that conducted a review of the harvest policy used by the North Pacific Fishery Management Council. He currently serves on the NMFS Recovery Review Science Panel (RSRP), on the NERC Special Committee on Seals, and on the NMFS Committee on Scientific Integration of Marine Reserves and Traditional Fishery Management.