Bob TrumbleRobert J. Trumble, PhD
Senior Consultant

Dr. Robert (Bob) Trumble retired from MRAG Americas in 2017. He joined MRAG Americas in 2000 as Senior Research Scientist and became Vice President in 2005. As a marine scientist for over 50 years, Bob has wide-ranging experience in marine fish science and management, fishery habitat protection, and oceanography. As Senior Consultant (Retired) he contracts with MRAG Americas and with various other clients. He has performed project planning, assembled research teams, and conducted research, with a focus on improving management of aquatic ecosystems and the resources and fisheries they support. His projects have included manager of certifications for Marine Stewardship Council and other sustainability and traceability assessments; oversight of observer programs; preparation and review of fishery management and habitat management plans; development bycatch management and control; preparation of environmental assessments; and conducting workshops on fishery issues. Dr. Trumble has extensive experience working with government agencies, commercial and recreational fisheries groups, Indian tribes, and national and international advisory groups. Dr. Trumble received a PhD in Fisheries from the College of Fisheries, University of Washington. Dr. Trumble enjoys kayak fishing as much as his busy retirement schedule allows.